Poultry Dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala €11.50

Cubes of chicken breast cooked in a creamy and tomato curry with almond powder.

Curry Chicken €11.50

Chicken cooked in a traditional tomato based fiery curry sauce. As “hot” as you like.

Chicken Korma €11.50

Succulent chicken breast diced and cooked in mild velvety cream of coconut curry with powder almonds. Cotains nuts.

Saag Murgh €11.50

Chicken breast cubes cooked in garlic, onions, chooped chilies, ginger and spinach.

Butter Chicken €11.50

Chicken breast simmered in a medium spiced velvety cream and tomato curry.

Chicken Jalfrezi €11.50

Diced tandoori chicken breast sizzled and tossed with onion, garlic, ginger, green chilies and peppers in a spiced, sour tomato curry sauce.

Chicken Dansak €11.50

Chicken breast cooked with black lentils in creamy curry.

Chicken Rarra €12.50

Chicken breast cooked with mince lamb in curry sauce.

Chicken Shakotee €11.50

Chicken breast cooked in coconut milk sauce and almond powder.

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